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Photos from Anime Matsuri of my Sonic Rainboom Rarity costume!

Ugh, I changed my makeup from the last time because whatever I was doing made my face look terribad and now this makeup is even worse! I can’t do crazy drag queen eyes, I guess. Gonna have to tone it down a bit next time: I’d rather look good and a bit inaccurate than have a freaky face (more so than the usual).

I probably shouldn’t have worn Rarity to Anime Matsuri: the con floor had NO SPACE to maneuver, it was a nightmare. I honestly spent most of my time sidling around the venue, not joking: shuffling sideways in fuck-tall heel and stupid-huge wings was neither fun nor easy.

I wanted to enter the AM Cosplay Contest but they didn’t have at-the-con sign ups, oddly (it would have been my first contest too).
Gah, I just want to wrangle a full photoshoot with this costume then I can cannibalized the parts for other projects.

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