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Well, I (mostly) finished Black Widow V2 in time to wear at All-con. Trouble is, I didn’t get the chance! (The Boyfriend’s car window was doing some weird shit so we had to turn around [though we had to drive back again since I forgot to pic up our photoshoot prints/CDs!]: too many valuables in the car to leave it in a dallas parking lot!).

Here it is! A tumblr first cosplay (re)debut!
I just need to seal the stingers and maybe do another coat on the belt disks but I think I’m pleased enough with it to leave it be until after the Avengers midnight premiere anyway.

Do you folks think I should get a short curly wig like ScarJo in the movie or keep with comic-cannon and stick with the long one (bottom right photo is a rough example for the short look [though let me be clear it is merely clipped back there])?

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