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The hella hot catsuit arrived today!
Now I face too many possibilities!

I went shopping today and picked up some last minute how-do-I-Black-Widow stuff to make the wrist gear/belt but the thing I really wanted seemed to be sold out so I’m unsure how it’ll turn out.
If I do decide to craft I dunno what time we will leave for ikki.

We can either drive to Austin with in the next hour (and say fuck wearing Black Widow) or finish Widow and drive down when ever (most likly putting us to arrive exhausted and/or late afternoon.)

If I don’t wear Widow then I’ve got
God Tier Vriska-which seems cool since the entirety of the #ikkicon tag is homestuck although doing dat make-up will not be fun if day tripping.
Kissogram Amy- Still got all my gear, easy wear but I look rather like a barrel.
Fionna-Haven’t fussed with her since Halloween but I did feel so fuck kawaii you just don’t even know.

I think I stated this post with the intention to ask for opinions but I am now concluding that I just need time.Then I can lougne around here for a while longer and ponder the pros and cons of each, while eating all the donut holes and cuddling with my kitty-cat.

Also, my new catsuit is fan-fucking-tastic.
I need to take in the waist but I have decided to call it my Self-Esteem Suit since I feel x10 hotter when wearing it. The above photo was literally taken first thing after I woke up this morning afternoon, minutes after the package arrived.

See you folks at ikki tomorrow!

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